Float or Sink

 In Home-Based Instruction


Below is a video lesson along with printable works.

Float or Sink – Video Lesson

Notes: (1) Find a couple of objects to start the lesson, and ask your child to find more from around the house. This is to see if the objects float or sink (a piece of Lego, a spoon…)  (2) During the lesson avoid explaining why things float vs. sink, leave it to your child to discover. (3) You may write the words Float/Sink to identify where to place the objects.


Want more? Here are some Supplemental Materials from other sources.

The following link to MRX has a video that shows another way to do the experiment, and it also gives you more ideas on how to do this lesson at home. (username is san, password is tan). Go to Student Reports, check the box, scroll bar to the right, click on video on Info, and click on video on the next screen.

MRX Login Link