Zoraida Villarrubia

Zoraida Villarrubia

Montessori Primary Teacher
  • University of Loyola in Maryland/University of Puerto Rico
  • Master Degree in Education, AMI Certified Primary Montessori Guide/Bachelor in Science, Certified as a Secondary Math Teacher
  • 480-222-0811
  • zvillarrubia@santancs.com

My Bio

I was born in Puerto Rico. I have two boys that are in their twenties now. They went to Montessori schools and being involved as a volunteer made me grow in interest and knowledge of the Montessori philosophy. I became an Aide, a Catechist of the Good Shepherd, and then a Montessori Primary Guide.  I discovered that this is my mission in life, which brings me joy and guides me to serve children in many ways. I have a passion for working with children. I love to apply the Montessori method to guide them to be independent and to develop to their own capacity at their personal pace. I enjoy preparing for them a special environment and facilitating materials, lessons, and other things they need to nurture their intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth. I think it is a gift for me to be surrounded by children because they bring love, peace, hope, and joy. Other things that I also enjoy in life are dancing, reading, playing table games, listening to music, and being in contact with nature (beaches, rivers, rainforests, etc.). I am grateful and blessed for the opportunity of working at San Tan Montessori School and look forward to meeting the children and their families.


Birthday: December 29th

--- My Favorite Things ---

Color(s): Colors of the rainbow, especially green and yellow

Flower(s): Roses and sunflowers

Healthy Snack(s): oranges, bananas, strawberries, nuts, sesame seeds, popcorn

“Junk Food” Treat(s): French fries, vegetarian pizza

Drink(s): soda water, wine, mojito

Scent(s)/Essential Oil(s): lavender, orange, lemon, eucalyptus

Game(s): mancala, dominoes, billiard

Sit-Down Restaurant(s): Los Abuelos, Blue Wasabi Sushi, Puerto Rico Latin Bar

Fast Food Restaurant(s): Chipotle, Pita Jungle, Sweet Tomatoes

Place(s) to Receive a Gift Card: Ross, Macys, Home Goods, Naturalizer

Most used school/office supply: Roll paper for easel, black Construction paper

Heroes: Jesus, Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Monsenor Arnulfo Romero

Hobbies: dance, read, walk, candle making, scrapbooking